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Getting started guide | Guests

  • Start by creating an account
  • Go to your Account page and complete the steps to get approved to drive 
    • All guests must be approved to drive before they can book a trip
    • Expect verification to take at least 24 hours and in some case longer if we need  additional photos or information
    • You can see your approval status on your Account page 
  • Once you’ve been approved to drive, you’re ready to find the perfect car
    • Choose your location and search for a car; you can adjust the trip dates and times to suit your plans 
    • You can filter by type of vehicle, mileage included, pick-up/return location, and other options 
  • Check listings for any badges or listing types 
    • “Book instantly” vehicles are cars you can book immediately without waiting for host to accept your trip request 
    • "App unlock” vehicles areTuro Go cars that you can lock and unlock via the Turo app, so you must have the app downloaded and updated on your mobile device
    • “All-Star Host” vehicles are managed by top-performing, high-quality hosts who have the fastest response times and highest ratings
  • Read the listing for complete vehicle description and any guidelines, FAQs, or extra instructions; you can’t message a host before submitting a trip request, but you might find your answer in the listing 
  • When you’ve found the car for you, submit a trip request or book immediately if it’s “Book instantly” vehicle
    • Choose your trip’s start and end; your trip’s cost is based in part on trip length 
      • You can only book or request to book one car at a time
      •  You can’t submit a booking or request for a trip that overlaps with any dates already requested or booked
    • Choose the vehicle location that works for you
      • This is where you’ll pick up and return the car
      • Host may charge a fee for pick-up and return locations outside their vehicle’s home location
    • Pay attention to distance included
      • This tells you how many miles are included in your entire trip
      • We’ll also list how much you’ll have to pay for any excess distance you drive
    • See if your trip qualifies for any discounts; we’ll show any early bird, 3+ day, 7+ day, or 30 + day discounts applied to vehicle’s price per day for your trip
    • Choose a protection plan for your trip; the higher the plan cost, the less you’d have to pay out-of-pocket if there’s vehicle damage during the trip
    • Add items or convenience Extras if available; it’s completely optional  
    • Review the full breakdown of costs for your trip before booking or submitting your request to book
    • Keep in mind you can cancel for free within our free cancellation period; see our Cancellation policy


3-day, 7-day, and 30+-day discount offers for bookings

It has been made aware that renters can by-pass some of the inflated TURO trip fees by booking the desired date range a month ahead of time and then going in and modifying the trip to the desired days. Guests can save additional money when utilizing this tactic.