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Turo Tips

How Does Turo Work for Guests?

Turo is an alternative for replacing car ownership and a great and inexpensive way to rent someone's car. To find the perfect deal, you first need to go to the Turo website or on their App. It will be easy to find the perfect car. You will be able to refine your search by using various filters that are available, like:

  • Area (city, country)
  • Price
  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle Make

Before you can review the listings, you will need to create a profile on Turo and to provide some information. You will also have to go through a verification process and provide a profile picture and ID.

Once you've completed and filled in this basic information, you can browse over 350,000 vehicles listed worldwide. When you've found a car you want to book, depending on the host's preferences, you will either be able to instantly book the car or request to book it.

With Instant Book, you will be able to reserve the car right away with no additional steps. If the host has decided they want to review and approve bookings before they are finalized, you can choose Request to book. This will prompt you to upload your payment details and wait for the host to approve your request - within 24 hours of submitting it.

Turo provides 24/7 roadside assistance services and flexible cancellation policy to all the guests.

Once you've been approved for the car, you can coordinate directly from the app with the host about specifics like where to pick up the car or how to get the keys. With Turo, you can rent cars from people to pick up and drop off in more than 300 airports and bypass the rental counter at the airports.


3-day, 7-day, and 30+-day discount offers for bookings

It has been made aware that renters can by-pass some of the inflated TURO trip fees by booking the desired date range a month ahead of time and then going in and modifying the trip to the desired days. Guests can save additional money when utilizing this tactic.